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About Us


was set up to provide instruction on meditation and mindfulness from authentic teachings, for anyone in the Highlands who wishes to learn about this extremely beneficial practice. The eventual aim of the organisation is to establish a Peace Centre that will not only benefit people locally but also encourage visitors from round the world to experience some of the calm and healing that are to be found in this special part of the world.


Meditation classes, pujas and teachings are held regularly at two venues close to Inverness city centre and anyone is welcome to join us at any time to learn a little about meditation and to actually practise with us in a very gentle and guided format.


KSD Highlands is a branch of the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre to be set up in the West - Kagyu Samye Ling.


It was founded by the late Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche and is part of the large humanitarian charity he also set up, known as ROKPA.


In keeping with the principles of the much-respected Scottish interfaith work of Samye Ling's Abbot, Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, we welcome people of any religion - or none. You do not have to be a Buddhist to learn meditation - or indeed to be able to obtain the considerable benefits that can result from practising meditation or mindfulness on a regular basis.


You are very welcome to drop in to our Wednesday meditation group at any time - no notice or commitment necessary (see weekly programme page).


If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact Helen on 07900 561 296 or email info@highlands.samye.org


Our Founding Principles


Choje Lama Yeshe Losal RinpocheOur founder, Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche had four aims when he established our home, Samye Ling, and KSD Highlands attempts to adhere to these founding principles whenever we can. They are:


  • To engender peace and happiness through fostering greater awareness of the need for compassion and understanding in all areas of human activity
  • To contribute to the spiritual welfare of our times
  • To give shelter, support and help wherever possible to all those in need
  • To preserve the religious tradition and culture of Tibet


We also feel it is important - whenever possible - to offer:


Openness - everyone is welcome to come to our centres or classes and to participate in our activities regardless of their background and regardless of whether they are Buddhist or not.


Authentic Lineage - our centres host teachings given on all aspects of Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness from senior teachers in an authentic lineage.


Peace and Relaxation - our centres aim to be places with a warm and welcoming environment and a positive atmosphere, where people can relax, enjoy the peace and tranquillity and regenerate.


Suitable for all levels - we have a wide range of courses with everything from regular beginners sessions, to teachers who can give direction on a personal path and retreats which are available for people wishing to deepen their practice.


Healing and wellbeing - our centres aim to be places of healing, where everyone can come to find a path helping them to resolve crisis, find healing and bring about personal growth.


Community - we aim to have a warm, welcoming environment and a positive supportive community where visitors can meet like-minded people.


Retreat and Sanctuary - our centres are places of retreat and sanctuary where visitors can find peace away from the busy world and the pressures of life.


Interfaith - our organisation works to bring about greater interfaith understanding between different spiritual traditions, actively forming relationships with other organisations and participating in interfaith dialogue on a regular basis.

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