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Donations and Offerings


In the Buddhist tradition it is said that contributing towards building a sacred place brings the donors great blessings as it benefits not only this but also future generations.


There are many ways to contribute towards establishing the peace and health centre, either financially or by offering your time or services:




Kagyu Samye Dzong Highlands will soon need people with specialised skills to work on particular projects. Could you offer some time as a volunteer, if so, we would like to hear from you. As our fundraising efforts increase this year, there will be lots of admin jobs that will require attention, please let us know if you think you can help.


Just now we are looking for someone who can help with IT. If you have any skills and a couple of hours to spare from time to time please email us at info@highlands.samye.org




Our major fundraising drive this year is to ask for the help of 500 Heroes who will become the Founders of the Centre for Peace and Health on Loch Ness.


You can fundraise or donate in any way you wish - e.g. take part in sponsored events, or if you have any other ways you would like to help, get in touch with Eric by emailing: fundraising@highlands.samye.org


Interest-free Loans


If you could help us in this way please contact our admin department on info@highlands.samye.org or telephone 07584 250987 We will be happy to provide you with details.




Have you considered making a bequest in your will in favour of Kagyu Samye Dzong Highlands. Contact info@highlands.samye.org




In the near future you will be able to visit this page and dedicate prayers for yourself or to your loved ones and friends. Indeed, you could dedicate prayers for peace and prayers for the whole human race if you wish. We can never have too many prayers for peace ...


If you wish to contribute to the Centre for Peace and Health in any way, or indeed to Kagye Samye Dzong Highlands, please use the Donate button on this page. All donations, however, small or large, are mindfully and gratefully received.


Thank you from everyone at KSD Highlands and please come and see the Peace Pole for yourself once you help us create its home.


Thank you for your Kind Generosity ...



KSD Highlands is part of the Rokpa Trust, Scottish Charity number: SCO38628

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